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» Security in Cloud Manufacturing: Forecasting and Multi-correlation for Cyber-attacks

Abstract— with the advent of globalization and competitiveness all over the world, manufacturing systems are forced to be revised in order to meet three major qualities –data integration, distributed environment and centralized management. To cover the required qualities for the manufacturing systems, Internet based technologies were developed in the last few years. However, even thought collaboration and distributed access in Internet are regularly approached in those technologies; most of the times manufacturing systems do not consider cyber attacks and the inherent security events of the Internet computer systems. The goal of this paper is to propose a Two Stage System for dealing with cyber attacks, which allows: (1) employment of an Event Analysis System for making multi-correlation of security events detected by an Intrusion Detection System and logs from the computer Operational Systems; and (2) applying forecasting techniques on data generated by the Event Analysis Systems to predict future incoming cyber attacks. The obtained results allow concluding about the enhancement of the accuracy regarding forecasts of cyber attacks. Therefore, by anticipating cyber attacks it is possible to improve the manufacturing systems, given by the failure avoidance (considering data integration, distributed environment and centralized management) Link para o journal